I have purchased multiple pieces from Great Happens. I use their products for manifestation and intentionality but it goes so far beyond that. I love what Great Happens stands for. We need to support more businesses and people like this!!!! That is when Great REALLY Happens. ~ Gina Petty


These shirts are the most comfortable shirts I own! I love spreading positivity and especially love supporting businesses who do the same. The founder of the company, Maria, is someone who truly embodies the spirit of this highlight all of the GOOD happening all around us! The media puts bad news in front of our eyes every chance they can, and it’s refreshing to see a company spreading love and hope instead of toxic negativity. Go Great Happens!! ~ Shanna Hernandez


Love this company, promoting positive vibes! ~ Michaelle Warner


I met Maria, owner of Great Happens, on the tennis court. From the first moment, I felt her positive aura; her energy, her friendly and engaging smile and her kind heart. She is a walking example that proves ‘Great Happens’ when you start each day with kindness in your heart and a genuine care for others. I am so happy to know Maria and also glad I start my day with knowing that ‘Great Happens’. I recommend all her ‘Great Happens’ products. ~ Melanie Martin


Great Happen's products are high quality and worth every penny. I recommend that everyone check this site out. The company also sends a great universal message - one of my favorites is “Love is a verb"! ~ Renee Thomas