Glam up your tee!

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Glam up your tee!

When Sharon Stone, back in 1996, arrived at the Oscars in a Gap turtle neck t-shirt, she made every viewer, including reporters, go “wow!!” Some couldn’t believe that she was so dressed down and they pooh-poohed it. Others thought it was refreshing and welcomed it.

Well, so much has happened in fashion since and it’s no longer a style-crime showing up to galas wearing a t-shirt under a glamorous jacket. We are actually seeing more and more PRINTED t-shirts enter the salons of finer events – and we gladly welcome it! What could be more eye-catching than a beautiful, flowing Oscar de la Renta gown-like skirt paired with a “Love is a Verb” t-shirt from Great Happens? Or, a daring short skirt, or shorts, by Alexander McQueen paired with our “Pretty in Punk” tee? Simply irresistible, if you ask us.

For everyday business-wear, a printed t-shirt paired with a refined jacket and slacks is a combination that will stay in focus for a long time. Replace the slacks with a shorter skirt and you and your fave tee are ready for After Work drinks (or as we say here, After Play!). Let us share an example of what we mean: In this photo example we paired our Kind is Cool t-shirt with a classy, black business jacket by J. Lindeberg. The short skirt with glitter embellishments is from Banana Republic. The big necklace and equally big bracelet fare well with this look, showcasing the message printed on the t-shirt. Add your favorite high heel shoes and you’re a force to be reckoned with!

Now go out there and experiment. Have fun and remember, Great Happens – when we choose to see it! ~ Maria Pollard

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