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The thing that hit me first, in the beginning of this epidemic, is how fast all of us fell in line. How fast we adapted. Before I knew it, all of us put our masks on. Our hands may have been clenched in our pockets, but we did it. If we were fortunate, we were able to work at home, and we did so without complaining. We started to wash our hands an almost absurd number of times a day. We stopped hugging our friends. We stayed away from strangers. We started to social distance as if we’ve done nothing else our entire lives. Our smiles, behind our masks, went unanswered. Faster than fast, we became the future we didn’t think could or would happen, at least not in our lifetime. All in order to stay healthy, to stay alive, to protect ourselves and our families. What has this done to us? Who, or what, have we become?

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